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Welcome to With Xperience!

This is the start of a great holiday Xperience!

With Xperience offer our guests everything from airport transfers and guided city tours to nature hikes and join-in bus excursions with Stockholm as its natural starting point. 

Are you curious about Sweden and plan to visit this great country with its rich history, untouched nature, international well known companies and superb cusin? Maybe you have been here before and want to see more or perhaps parts of your family originate from Sweden. Well this is the first step to a great Xperience!

The Swedish capital Stockholm has so much to offer its visitors. Numerous of museum and palaces, lush parks and breathtaking views. Dine with style or just enjoy a fika.

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     Företaget innehar F-skatt / The company is registered for tax

With Xperience har ställt erforderliga resegarantier till Kammarkollegiet 

With Xperience has provided the necessary travel guarantees to the Swedish State Chamber of Deputies